interior: origami butterfly wall instalation

I got this idea from looking at the origami pictures on Planta Alta’s art Gallery facebook profile in Paraguay. The instructor explaining to her students how to fold these butterflies, and then randomly stuck them to the wall. I decided that I needed a more rigid pattern.

I decides that I wanted to make an alternate unit pattern. 3 units spread out equidistantly within 31 – 31 centimeters, and then the next two right below them spread out 20cm. I did not trace a guide-too lazy, but I did use my fingers to measure.  The tail of one butterfly was a little bigger that the-tip-of-my-index-finger

You can learn how to fold the butterfly with this diagram

origami butterfly by yoshizawa

I used regular old stick glue -random brand- to stick them to the wall. The wall’s painted with indoor paint but has no sealer so it’s very easy to stain.  I can stick and unstick the units to the wall with the stick glue though. I guess I have a cheap one that doesn’t stick very well. They don’t need too much strength, they’re made of paper after all. There should be very little traffic- so forget it if there are children or pets in the house. Maybe they won’t eat if you cover it with glass. hmmm.

However, I did use magazine paper. I would not recommend doing this to unsealed walls with any other type of paper. The paper WILL stain the wall.

Finished wall. For more details please contact me!


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