Cherry Blosson Model (Tomoko Fuse)

black-pink-lavender cherry blossom ball

This model can be found in Tomoko Fuse‘s book- Unit Origami: Multidimentional Transformations. I don’t have the book yet so I just looked for diagrams on YouTube like these:

Both DreamRosebud and Barbabellaatje have a bunch of tutorials that are very easy to follow as well as guided step-by-step instruction for the assembly. I like the angle that Barbabellaatje uses for her video tutorials, they’re a little easier to see.

For this particular model I used ordinary duo paper in three colors.  It doesn’t matter really if  you use duo paper or fabriano (aka craft) because only one side shows.  Most of the models you see on the internet are all unicolored so that the petals stand out more when you put in petals (of a contrasting color).

However since this was the first time making this model I decided to use the old paper I had and managed to find 10 sheets of each color. I used 10×10 cm paper for the kusudama ball and then 2.5×2.5 cm for the filler petals.

This video will help you with the fillers. 🙂


2 responses to “Cherry Blosson Model (Tomoko Fuse)

  1. Enjoyed considering this, very good things, thankyou.

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