After a long time I am finally able  to sit back down and update this blog.  I was pretty busy with family, visa application, travel and just general mental preparation that needs to be done to enter a new phase of my life. However, I did not neglect my folding too much (just the blog) so here’s one of my latest scupltures.

This model is done in 10 x 10 fabriano (craft) paper. I used bright colors, orange,and yellow. You may not be able to tell from the picture, I used two different tones of orange.  This model has 45 degree angles folded in different ways.  No glue was used, the model is pretty sturdy when completed.

The sculpture has 30 identical units.  Moderately difficult to fold but you have to do 30 so you’ll get the hang if it.  The construction is simple, the units fold in nicely, using different colors helps see what goes where but a solid color gives a more uniform look.

This model was designed by Lukasheva Ekaterina and both the video and diagram can be found on her website: Kusudama Me!.

Happy Foldings!


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