mini-modular series #001: Hollow Sonobe Variation

I finally have a little bit of time to dedicate a little time to my foldings. I’ve broken into the stash of 5cmx5cm I’ve been saving since I left Argentina!

As a rule of thumb,the smaller the size of paper you use to make kusudamas or any origami for that matter, the more difficult it can be. I use tweezers because my fingers are too big!

I decided to start with a simple Sonobe variation. 30 sheets x 5cm x 5cm

I placed a pen cap next to the model as a reference, it’s about a couple of inches tall. I used the little Korean paper common found in stationery stores. As you can see I used all the sheets that had any tome of red.

In the picture above you see that is comes with a little crane folding guide. I purchased this back in Buenos Aires for around a dollar.  The paper may be a little to small to deal with for beginners but if you keep the models simple it shouldn’t be a problem.

Happy Foldings!


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