mini-modular series #002 Spiky Cuboctahedron aka Spike Ball

This is the second model I decided to make for my mini series; the spiky ball. It’s a simply modular because there are only 12 units to it and each unit is just a simple variation of the pinwheel fold.


I placed a wine bottle cork next to it to give you an idea of how small it turned out to be!

12 sheets 5cm x 5cm.

After I put the model together I noticed I had one unit left. I though to myself  ” only 11 units? that can’t be right!?” but then again I was having a little bit of wine (that explains the cork) when I counted the sheets out to make them… I must have made 13 units. I blame the wine for clouding my ability to count properly lol.


The 13th unit!

As a variation of the pinwheel, it wasn’t very difficult to make each unit, easy and fast! However, each one ended being a lot smaller that I expected so I had to use tools.


Again, I used tweezers and a toothpick also.

The one I made only had 12 units but you can make bigger ones if you use 24 or 54 units. you can find the diagram and more pictures on this other awesome website:


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