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The First Origami: Mecho y Ocho

Mecho and Ocho are two variations of the first origami folded on record. Mecho is the female variation and Ocho the male. In this post, you see the regular Ocho and Mecho described in “Wrapping Origami” (1993). These are the two oldest models, there are many more version of these butterflies.

1000 cranes, 1000 post challenge

I've been absent from his blog for far too long, again. I decided to get back to the basics of origami with this post: How to fold a paper crane. It also represents my ultimate goal for this blog, 1000 post about origami. This will keep me busy for a while so you may be reading about more than just origami

De nuevo hice sentir mi ausencia de este blog de origami, el último post que hice fue hace casi exactamente un año. Decidí reavivarlo con este post: Como hacer una grulla de papel. También simboliza la meta que tengo para este blog: escribir 1000 entradas acerca de origami. Esta meta ambiciosa me mantendrá ocupada por un buen tiempo, y seguro van a leer de otras cosas además de origami.

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serie mini-modular #003: MM’s TUVWXYZ (7 planos cruzados)

Este modelito saque de la pagina de MM’s origami ella hace cosas her-mo-sas y este es uno de los modelos que tiene libre al publico. Continue reading

mini-modular series #002 Spiky Cuboctahedron aka Spike Ball

This is the second model I decided to make for my mini series; the spiky ball. It’s a simply modular because there are only 12 units to it and each unit is just a simple variation of the pinwheel fold.


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mini-modular series #001: Hollow Sonobe Variation

I finally have a little bit of time to dedicate a little time to my foldings. I’ve broken into the stash of 5cmx5cm I’ve been saving since I left Argentina!

As a rule of thumb,the smaller the size of paper you use to make kusudamas or any origami for that matter, the more difficult it can be. I use tweezers because my fingers are too big!

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Home Improvement

this blog has been neglected for far to long … time to shed a little ‘light’!


After a long time I am finally able  to sit back down and update this blog.  I was pretty busy with family, visa application, travel and just general mental preparation that needs to be done to enter a new phase of my life. However, I did not neglect my folding too much (just the blog) so here’s one of my latest scupltures.

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