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Mini Origami Bunnies

I found this model on Facebook. I follow Leyla Torres from and she made a post about these bunnies.

These are Jackie Chan’s rabbit lamps.

You can find a video on how to make them here. they’re very easy to fold. I folded these two from  5×5 papers with a flower pattern on one side and blank on the other.  I want to try to make them from larger pieces of paper and make them into an actual lamp. As you can see in the picture I stuffed these with pink cotton balls!


Cherry Blosson Model (Tomoko Fuse)

black-pink-lavender cherry blossom ball

This model can be found in Tomoko Fuse‘s book- Unit Origami: Multidimentional Transformations. I don’t have the book yet so I just looked for diagrams on YouTube like these:

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Twinboat Isocahedron

twinboat isocohedron

I started working on this one a few days ago.  The isocohedron consists of only 30 individual units,  all a variation of the windmill base. The colors I used were red (10), orange (10), green (5), and white (5).  I used solid colored fabriano (craft) paper 15cm x 15 cm.

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Bascetta Star

I found this diagram on Panama Paper Folding. It’s a very easy model to fold. I decided to use Fabriano paper because it’s sturdier than duo paper- at least the ones I’m getting from Laura here in Buenos Aires.

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36 piece Simple Sonobe

simple sonobe nit in red and yellow duo paper

For this model I used an MM diagram for sonobe unit variation, MM really has some  great diagrams on her website and they are really easy to fold.  She has recently uploaded a couple of tutorials but there are more on youtube. Just follow the links!

Para  este modelo use uno de los primeros diagramas que estan en la pagina de MM. Este es el sonobe simple. La pagina de Meenakshi Mukerji es muy buena y tiene muchos diagramas de los que podes descargar o includo acceder a un video de YouTube.

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interior: origami butterfly wall instalation

I got this idea from looking at the origami pictures on Planta Alta’s art Gallery facebook profile in Paraguay. The instructor explaining to her students how to fold these butterflies, and then randomly stuck them to the wall. I decided that I needed a more rigid pattern.

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Mio Tsugawa’s Arabesque in Fruit Loops

This is one of the models that I made in Paraguay and was a gift for my cousin Lujan. These make really good little presents because they have a solid structure and are easy to handle. Made in tough 10 x 10 cm. fabriano paper in red, yellow and orange so they won’t be able to accidentally take them apart, you have to pull very hard. Now if you see the one you gave your friend for her birthday missing a few pieces go ahead and make them a new one.

This model took me about three days to fold. You need to fold 30 individual units (10 of each color)  and later put them together.