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The perfect square.

One of the secrets to fluid folding in origami is starting with a perfect quadrilateral. Rectangles or squares are used for most pieces, but I have also seen trapezoids as the starting shape in diagrams. Whatever shape is used I believe that following the shapes properties are key in quality paper folding.

Uno de los secretos para doblar origami con precisión es comenzar con un cuadrilátero perfecto. Rectángulo o cuadrados de papel se usan para muchas de las piezas, pero he visto también diagramas que comienzan con trapezoides. Sea cual sea la forma que se usa para doblar, es importante que las propiedades de cada forma estén intactos. Continue reading


lost kusudama- first post

Not all lost, I just don’t have them with me. I scatter them around as gifts and tend to leave them in the apartments when I move.

These aren’t all of them either, but most.