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The First Origami: Mecho y Ocho

Mecho and Ocho are two variations of the first origami folded on record. Mecho is the female variation and Ocho the male. In this post, you see the regular Ocho and Mecho described in “Wrapping Origami” (1993). These are the two oldest models, there are many more version of these butterflies.

Señalador Michifus. Origami cat bookmark.

A pesar de la llegada de la primavera, no para el frío. En vez de trabajar en el jardín, aprovecho para practicar papiroflexia.

Despite the arrival of spring, it is still cold. Instead of gardening, I am making good use of my time indoors and folding origami.

Michifus (o michi) es como le decimos al gato en Jopara, una mezcla de castellano y guaraní. En guarani, al gato se le dice mbarakaja, pero cuando se le quiere llamar al gato, se usa ‘mich’, largando la i en tono alto. Miiiiich!

Michifus (or michi) is the word for cat in Jopara, a mix of Spanish and Guarani. Mbarakaja is the word for cat in Guarani, but when you want to call a cat, ‘mich’ (pronounced ‘meech’) is used.

Designed by Jo Nakashima

Visiten su video donde explica el paso a paso, también pueden descargar el diagrama para ayudarte a doblar el marcador.
Please visit his video tutorial to see how it’s folded, he has also linked a diagram that can aid you in folding.


The perfect square.

One of the secrets to fluid folding in origami is starting with a perfect quadrilateral. Rectangles or squares are used for most pieces, but I have also seen trapezoids as the starting shape in diagrams. Whatever shape is used I believe that following the shapes properties are key in quality paper folding.

Uno de los secretos para doblar origami con precisión es comenzar con un cuadrilátero perfecto. Rectángulo o cuadrados de papel se usan para muchas de las piezas, pero he visto también diagramas que comienzan con trapezoides. Sea cual sea la forma que se usa para doblar, es importante que las propiedades de cada forma estén intactos. Continue reading

Mini Origami Bunnies

I found this model on Facebook. I follow Leyla Torres from http://www.origamispirit.com and she made a post about these bunnies.

These are Jackie Chan’s rabbit lamps.

You can find a video on how to make them here. they’re very easy to fold. I folded these two from  5×5 papers with a flower pattern on one side and blank on the other.  I want to try to make them from larger pieces of paper and make them into an actual lamp. As you can see in the picture I stuffed these with pink cotton balls!

interior: origami butterfly wall instalation

I got this idea from looking at the origami pictures on Planta Alta’s art Gallery facebook profile in Paraguay. The instructor explaining to her students how to fold these butterflies, and then randomly stuck them to the wall. I decided that I needed a more rigid pattern.

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